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Alan Doyle crashes wedding

When Hurricane Larry disrupted this engaged couple’s plans to see the Great Big Sea frontman at the Iceberg Alley music festival, he came to their wedding instead. 4:35

When Lori Winsor and Brad Thorman decided to elope to St. John’s and watch Alan Doyle in concert this past weekend, they had no idea they would be the only ones who would get to see him perform.

The couple travelled to Newfoundland from Ontario ahead of Doyle’s show at the Iceberg Alley Performance Tent.

“We love the music from out here, and we love the art. We got a big piece of Newfoundland art on our wall. We just always knew we’d get here at some point — we didn’t know it was going to be for our wedding,” Thorman said.

Doyle, who happens to live in the neighbourhood of the Winsor House Bed & Breakfast, where the couple were staying, had already planned to make an appearance ahead of the concert after getting word from the owner of their arrival. 

But when the performance tent was destroyed by Hurricane Larry and the concert had to be postponed, his trip down the road turned into an exclusive two-song concert for the newlyweds.

“It was just a nice thing to be a part of their special day,” Doyle said. “There’s a lot of glum stuff going on these days, so it’s nice to bring a little extra smile if you can, whenever the opportunity happens.”

See more of their story in the video above.

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