These Are the Most Dramatic ‘Biggest Loser’ Transformations of All Time

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The Biggest Loser was known for having some seriously impressive transformations. Contestants shed hundreds of pounds—and even half their body weight, in some cases—in an attempt to change their lifestyle and win the $250,000 grand prize. We’re sharing the most jaw-dropping results in the show’s history.

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BEFORE: Rachel Frederickson

Rachel was 260 pounds when she joined the show. She made it clear from the start that she was there to work hard and change her life—and she did.

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AFTER: Rachel Frederickson

Fans were shocked when Rachel revealed at the finale that she was just 105 pounds. She had lost 60 percent of her body weight, and people were concerned it was too much. Rachel later said she lost the weight by eating 1,600 calories a day and working out. “I’m extremely proud of the way I lost the weight,” she said during a media conference call, per the Los Angeles Times.

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BEFORE: Allen Smith

Allen, who started at 325 pounds, went on the show because his weight was impacting his career as a firefighter. He also said he was worried that he wouldn’t pass his next physical at work.

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AFTER: Allen Smith

Allen didn’t win season 8, but he definitely accomplished what he set out to do. He lost 116 pounds, or 35 percent of his body weight, on the show.

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BEFORE: Rebecca Meyer

Rebecca was 279 pounds when she started the show. She made it to the makeover portion of the show, but unfortunately didn’t win the overall title.

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AFTER: Rebecca Meyer

By the end, Rebecca lost 139 pounds and nearly 50 percent of her starting body weight, which earned her the $100,000 prize for most weight lost by an eliminated player.

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BEFORE: Bill Germanakos

Bill started the show at 334 pounds and competed alongside his twin brother, Jim. At the start, he admitted that he had a “body built by baklava.” Steady weight loss, combined with a serious dose of grit, eventually helped him win season four.

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AFTER: Bill Germanakos

Bill didn’t mess around: He lost 164 pounds—nearly 50 percent of his body weight. Bill later said that being around his family and kids helped keep him motivated. “The Biggest Loser Campus is a place of hope,” he told People.

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BEFORE: Michelle Aguilar

Michelle started season 6 at 242 pounds and said that she worried her weight was holding her back in life. Michelle competed in the season alongside her mom, Renee.

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AFTER: Michelle Aguilar

Michelle ended up winning the title after losing 110 pounds. She later told Access Hollywood that she spent “hours, upon hours, upon hours” at the gym to lose the weight.

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BEFORE: Olivia Ward

Olivia started the show at 261 pounds, and competed alongside her sister Hannah. The opera singer said she joined the show because her weight and polycystic ovary syndrome diagnosis meant she probably wouldn’t be able to have children if she didn’t lose a significant amount of weight.

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AFTER: Olivia Ward

Olivia ended up losing 129 pounds and took the title for the season. She’s now a senior instructor at SoulCycle.

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BEFORE: Hannah Curlee

Olivia’s younger sister, Hannah, also competed on the show. Hannah started out at 248 pounds, and made it to the final round.

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AFTER: Hannah Curlee

Hannah lost 120 pounds, which was 48 percent of her body weight. She didn’t win the title, though—she was edged out by her big sister.

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BEFORE: Danny Cahill

Danny weighed 430 pounds when he started season 8. He said on the show that he wanted to lose the weight so he could be healthy for his wife and children.

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AFTER: Danny Cahill

Danny lost 239 pounds by the end—nearly 56 percent of his body weight—to claim the title. He’s kept the weight off and currently runs, a self-help, motivational company.

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BEFORE: Abby Rike

Abby’s reason for going on the show was truly heart-breaking: She gained weight after her husband and two children died in a car accident. She weighed in at 247 pounds when she started her journey.

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AFTER: Abby Rike

Abby ended up losing 100 pounds, which was 40 percent of her body weight. She’s now a motivational speaker.

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BEFORE: Shay Sorrells

Shay started season 8 as the biggest contestant the show had ever seen. She was 476 pounds at the initial weigh-in.

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AFTER: Shay Sorrells

Shay ended up losing 172 pounds by the show’s finale, which was 36 percent of her body weight. She was later challenged to try to lose even more weight by the end of season 9—and she dropped an additional 52 pounds.

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BEFORE: Heba Salama

When Heba joined the show, she was 294 pounds. She quickly won fans over with her outspoken nature.

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AFTER: Heba Salama

Heba ended up losing a whopping 156 pounds. She didn’t win the overall title, but she was named the Biggest Loser of the eliminated contestants and won $100,000.

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BEFORE: Ryan Benson

Ryan was one of the original cast members of The Biggest Loser in season 1. He weighed 330 pounds at the beginning of the show.

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AFTER: Ryan Benson

Ryan lost 122 pounds—about 37 percent of his body weight—to become the show’s first winner ever. Unfortunately, he gained the weight back, but he told Yahoo Health that he’s on a new weight loss journey.

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BEFORE: Matt Hoover

Matt weighed 339 pounds when he first joined the show. He ended up meeting (and falling in love with) Suzy Preston during filming.

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AFTER: Matt Hoover

Matt lost an amazing 157 pounds, which was 46 percent of his body weight, to become the season 2 champ—and he ended up marrying Suzy. They now have two children together.

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BEFORE: Suzy Hoover

Speaking of Suzy, she weighed 227 pounds at the start of the show. Like her future husband, she also made it to the finale.

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AFTER: Suzy Hoover

Suzy’s transformation was jaw-dropping. She lost 95 pounds to end up at 132 pounds by the end of her run on the show.

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BEFORE: Erik Chopin

The 35-year-old New Yorker was 407 pounds at the start of the show, making him the largest contestant the show had ever seen at that point. Given his size, many people didn’t think he could win.

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AFTER: Erik Chopin

Erik proved everyone wrong: He lost 214 pounds, which was nearly 53 percent of his body weight. Erik later went on to become a motivational speaker.

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