Watch Action Bronson and CC Sabathia’s Grueling Sled Pull Workout

Rapper, actor and TV host Action Bronson has undergone a drastic body transformation over the last year. Following the birth of his son, he (a.k.a. Bam Bam Baklava) overhauled his diet and committed himself to getting fit, losing more than 130 pounds to date.

In the latest episode of his food show Fuck That’s Delicious, Bronson hits the gym first thing in the morning with former New York Yankees pitcher CC Sabathia, who has been on his own weight loss journey since retiring from Major League Baseball in 2019. While working out at Impact Zone gym in Norwood, New Jersey, the pair talked about their journeys.

“He looks incredible, man,” Sabathia said of Bronson. “People don’t understand what he’s doing, how hard it is coming here and training with Dave (Paladino). It’s not a joke.” He went on to say that he had been planning his own body transformation for a long time, and had always intended to “get ripped” as soon as his pro baseball career came to an end.

After hauling a couple of 100-pound exercise balls around the gym, Sabathia pointed to them and joked: “That’s the extra 100 pounds we used to walk around with right there.”

Their workout, which Bronson dubbed the “torture chamber,” also included a series of fat-burning roped sled pulls, supersetted with a 1000-meter SkiErg. Bronson loaded up his sled with six 55-pound plates, dragging a total of 330 pounds across the gym, while Sabathia pulled 220.

Then Sabathia left to hit the driving range, leaving Bronson to the main Fuck That’s Delicious event: a good meal. He grills up a couple of steaks in the park, adding oil and garlic, and salt.

“I just started eating meat again, because I felt depleted,” he says. “I’m enjoying this very much… I might have to go and do 200 pushups after this. I don’t think I’ve had something this delicious in a long time.”

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