Dr. Oz inexplicably fails to mention Pennsylvania or state issues in Senate run announcement

He later released a campaign video with a campaign logo eerily similar to the logo for his Sony-produced TV show. His website now redirects to his campaign site, where you can learn about where he stands on such hot-button Pennsylvania issues like immigration (he wants a border wall, presumably in the state he’s willing to represent that borders no other countries) and the economy (truly, he’s just mad at Joe Biden).


Dr. Oz’s bid for Senate is about as wrongheaded as most of his medical opinions but it’s his wealth and audience that make that idiocy more than a simple distraction. The 61-year-old has already pumped thousands into advertisements that will air in Pennsylvania and tapped seasoned PAC treasurer Salvatore Purpura for his “Doctor Oz for Senate” campaign committee. Purpura has previously worked on John McCain and George W. Bush’s campaigns and notably left Stephen Colbert’s satirical PAC to join Rick Perry’s extremely real presidential campaign in 2011.

Politicians like Rep. Bill Pascrell, a Democrat who represents the New Jersey area where Dr. Oz’s massive compound is located, have already voiced their support. But many within the GOP truly have no idea why Dr. Oz is running nor do they know anyone willing to touch his campaign. When reached by Politico ahead of Dr. Oz’s announcement, one Pennsylvania Republican strategist said that the “pretty much universal response” to Dr. Oz’s campaign has been “LOL.”

Dr. Oz seems to have few connections to Pennsylvania. He switched his voter registration to the state last year and voted by absentee ballot from an address that corresponds with his in-laws. The address for his Dr. Oz for Senate Committee corresponds with a building that includes medical supply sellers, medical offices, and not much else. Hell, dude probably doesn’t even know how to order a cheesesteak, much less eat one.

The man’s a narcissistic buffoon but he’s arguably better than former GOP frontrunner and Trump-endorsed candidate Sean Parnell, who suspended his campaign last week after being found to have abused his estranged wife and losing custody of his children. The soon-to-be open Senate seat Dr. Oz is vying for belongs to Pat Toomey, who will not seek reelection after 10 years as senator. Toomey appeared to be on the outs with his own party after voting to convict Trump during the former president’s second impeachment trial. Dr. Oz would never, and that’s likely what could get him that coveted Trump endorsement as he flips from delegitimizing medicine to doing even worse with politics.

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