Fox News Host Puts The Blame For ‘Woke’ Military On Michelle Obama

Rachel Campos-Duffy returned to familiar territory for Fox News on Thursday with an attack on former first lady Michelle Obama.

The “Fox News Primetime” host ranted about “the left’s dangerous ideology” and peddled the right-wing narrative that the U.S. armed forces ― which she described as “the last vestige of the pro-American meritocracy” ― have “gone woke” under President Joe Biden.

Progressives thought “the military was too masculine, had way too many Republicans and a dangerous knack of turning minorities into patriotic, self-reliant conservatives,” fumed Campos-Duffy. “This could not stand.”

“Michelle Obama’s decision to make military spouses her top initiative as first lady was the first clue that they had their sights set on the U.S. Armed Forces,” Campos-Duffy continued, claiming “a stealth takeover of top military brass was underway” by the time of President Barack Obama’s second term.

“Officers who were aligned were promoted,” she said. “A general who obeyed and advanced the woke progressive agenda could expect a lucrative afterlife on corporate boards, already populated by the Obama-Clinton world.”

Campos-Duffy in February suggested Michelle Obama, who is now a private citizen, was somehow to blame for school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, she allowed Trump White House trade adviser Peter Navarro to spew conspiracy theories about infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci unchallenged.

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