GOP Rep. Miller says she didn’t mean to call Roe’s overturn a ‘victory for white life,’ but come on

She did.

Ms. Miller’s spokesman, Isaiah Wartman, told NBC News that Miller misspoke and meant to say “right to life,” not “white life,” during her comments. His proof is that you “clearly see she is reading off a piece of paper,” which I guess is meant to show that no one in their right-wing mind would write down “white life” for a speech thanking one of the most openly racist former presidents since Woodrow Wilson.  

Miller also tweeted out this attempt at subterfuge:

Of course, many people made sure to point out that Rep. Mary Miller made a similarly suspect statement during a speech she gave on Jan. 6, 2021—a date that might ring a bell for some—where she decided the best way to make her point was to name-check and then agree with Adolf Hitler. Yes, that Adolf Hitler.

In Miller’s defense, she’s basically a racist like the rest of the people representing her political party. There isn’t much new here other than she’s saying the once quiet part out loud. The incumbent Republican, Rodney Davis, is no picnic either. But, Davis did choose to certify the 2020 election, which means by today’s standards he’s among the handful of Republican operatives still seeming to support the concept of democracy.

Probably more telling is where we are today compared to where we were less than a decade ago. Back in 2013, a central Illinois Republican Party chairman resigned after he attacked a Black, female Republican candidate in a racist screed. Who was she challenging? Rep. Rodney Davis. Former Montgomery County Chair Jim Allen seems to have finally won the day, as racist Mary Miller has now ascended high enough, and the national conversation has become toxic enough, that a little bit of the old classic racism is back in vogue for the GOP.

The only difference, for now, is that they still enjoy claiming they are not racist. That’ll fade.

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