News Roundup: Sen. Bill Cassidy’s racism; Texas GOP barrels towards anti-capitalist theocracy

There’s a lot of pictures of Sen. Bill Cassidy covering his face and I think I’m beginning to understand why.

It’s been a day of Republican politicians being just gawdawful, even compared to the normal gawdawful. Louisiana Sen. Bill Cassidy’s defense of his state’s horrific maternal death rates—with a claim that the rate wouldn’t be as bad if you just excluded his state’s Black residents—might be one for the record books. Texas Republicans, meanwhile, are taking the next step after effectively banning abortion in their state, vowing that they’re also going to retaliate against corporations that reimburse their employees for the inevitable rise in medical costs.

It’s going to be a weird future. Companies like Elon Musk’s Tesla are moving to Texas so that they can kill workers with less consequence, but will Texas’ willingness to let companies get away with murder offset the extra corporate costs of attracting high-value workers to live in a racist, uterus-policing theocracy? That’s going to be quite the balancing act. Maybe Musk can put the theocracy in a tunnel? Would that help?

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