NRCC Uses Menacing Message About Trump To Push Republicans Into Repeat Donations

The National Republican Congressional Committee is using threatening language to push Republicans into making repeat monthly donations.

The NRCC, which fund-raises and works to elect Republicans to the House, warns people against unchecking this prechecked box:

The text appears on the WinRed fundraising platform. The NRCC directly links to the page from its website.

Donors who fail to uncheck the box — including those who haven’t even noticed it — will have money removed from their accounts each month. The Trump campaign used a similar fundraising tactic during the 2020 election, The New York Times reported at the weekend

The Trump-style message drew criticism on Twitter.

NRCC spokesperson Michael McAdams downplayed the controversy, telling Insider the group “employs the same standards that are accepted and utilized by Democrats and Republicans across the digital fundraising ecosystem.”

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes on Wednesday described the NRCC’s message as “downright totalitarian.”

“Instead of thanking you, the NRCC says they will tell Dear Leader personally you are a traitor unless you give more,” the “All In” host explained.

He also showed other messages the GOP group is using to scare people into making recurring donations.

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