Trump Should Look Into Getting A ‘Custom-Made Jumpsuit,’ Michael Cohen Says

Michael Cohen said Monday that his former client, ex-President Donald Trump, should start preparing himself for life behind bars.

“He should start maybe speaking to someone about getting a custom-made jumpsuit, because it does not look good for him, that’s my prediction,” Cohen, Trump’s former fixer and personal attorney, told MSNBC’s Katy Tur.

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Vance is investigating Trump’s business affairs.

Tur asked her other guest, former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance, if Trump could eventually end up being — as Cohen had implied ― “hauled off” to prison.

“I think it’s always risky to crystal ball too far into a criminal prosecution, but Cy Vance has sent some signals that this is a serious investigation,” Vance said. 

Cohen, now one of Trump’s harshest critics, is under house arrest serving the final months of a three-year prison sentence. In 2018, he pleaded guilty to crimes, including lying to Congress during the Russia investigation and campaign finance violations.

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