Freddie Freeman ready to move on from Ronald Acuña, Braves drama

Former Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman left his drama with Ronald Acuña in the past. Freeman addressed the comments on MLB Network Thursday.

Freeman didn’t want to keep commenting on the Acuña situation, relaying his statement from an MLB Network appearance Thursday afternoon. Now, it’s time to turn the page, or so Freeman would prefer.

Acuña took to Instagram live on Wednesday night, the eve of the Braves’ Opening Day game, to state that he wouldn’t miss Freeman. Apparently, Acuña still holds a grudge from 2018, in which Freeman didn’t like the way he represented himself or the organization on the field. Per Freeman, that was merely the Braves way.

“When you put on a Braves uniform in that organization, there’s organization rules,” Freeman said. “You don’t cover the A with sunglasses, you don’t wear earrings, you have your hair a certain length, you wear a uniform during BP, you don’t have eye black coming down across your whole face.”

Freddie Freeman is done talking about Ronald Acuña

Per Freeman, the two haven’t spoken about this, and he wants to move forward with the understanding that perhaps they won’t see eye to eye on the situation. Freeman still misses Acuña, and claims his family missed Acuña as well.

To be fair, not much more can be said about the situation at hand. Both Acuña and Freeman are MVP-caliber players, but the gap years between them clearly left a mark.

Acuña should’ve been allowed to express himself, sure. But at this point, it’s old news. The Braves have a World Series to defend. Freeman would prefer to challenge that repeat the best he can.

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