Russell Wilson trade: What does it mean for Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes?

The Denver Broncos turned the AFC West on its head, trading for Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. What does it mean for the Chiefs?

The Chiefs will remain favorites in the AFC West until proven otherwise. A crowded division forced the Broncos’ hand, and boy did they answer, trading for one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL in Wilson.

Denver has plenty of talent at other key positions, but quarterback was one they’ve been notoriously short in since Peyton Manning retired. With that in mind, Wilson became the target. The Broncos were willing to part with draft capital and some key contributors on both sides of the ball to land a veteran QB of Wilson’s caliber.

But what does it mean for the Chiefs, a team most expect to contend for conference crowns for years to come?

Russell Wilson trade: What does it mean for Chiefs?

The Chiefs have Mahomes in tow for most of the next decade, so they won’t fret about the Broncos offloading a ton of talent for a 32-year-old quarterback coming off a down year.

Wilson is talented, obviously, and the trade makes the Broncos a force to be reckoned with in the AFC. But the AFC West division was stacked as is, adding Wilson and Denver to the forefront doesn’t necessarily change the look of things too much.

The Chiefs remain division favorites. The Chargers are up and coming with Justin Herbert under center. Vegas was a playoff team last season, and suddenly Denver is in the hunt.

Mahomes has plenty of weapons in tow, a solid offensive line and one of the best offensive minds in football calling plays. If the Chiefs truly want to answer the Broncos’ trade for Wilson, they should add more talent on the defensive side of the ball.

Bringing back Tyrann Mathieu would be a good start.

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