Space Force acquisitions and technology division will be based in L.A. area

One of the U.S. Space Force’s three main prongs, the division that will develop and buy space technologies and services, will be based in the Los Angeles area, officials announced Thursday.

The Los Angeles Air Force Base’s Space and Missile Systems Center in El Segundo will become the headquarters of the planned division, which is named Space Systems Command. The division is set to become official this summer after its leader is selected and receives Senate confirmation.

Space Systems Command will be in charge of developing and acquiring space capabilities, including launch services and developmental testing. It will also oversee the Space Force’s science and technology activities.

One of the Space Force’s two other planned divisions is already established. Space Operations Command, which was created in October and is based at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado, is in charge of military space assets such as satellites. The other, Space Training and Readiness Command, is set to be established this year and will focus on training Space Force personnel.

Created in 2019 as the first new U.S. armed service since 1947, the Space Force was established with the mission of protecting U.S. interests in space — operations that had been spread throughout the nation’s other military branches. Some of those operations have already transitioned to the Space Force, which has also been gaining personnel and funding.

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