Fantasy Football 2021, Week 5 rankings: Who to start and sit

Fantasy Football Week 5 is here meaning that it is time for the best start and sit options.

The NFL season has hit a rapid pace all of a sudden. If you look up, another week passes us by and so many storylines fill the news feeds heading into the next week. It’s become an endless cycle and the same goes with the Fantasy Football season.

If you are winning, then this has been a tremendous first four weeks but if you are continuously coming up short? Then it has not been the best of times. It has likely felt like a snail’s pace more than anything else with every loss getting a bit more agonizing. Week 4 at least saw some projected first-round selections breakout (Saquon Barkley and Jonathan Taylor), helping teams that might have been struggling in the first few weeks of the season.

Moving forward, however, it’s become a must-win time for those who have been losing and remains a “let’s win” time for those who have been winning. With an extra week to the season, the panic has become a bit smaller than prior times but that does not mean it will be getting easier any time soon.

As always, we are hoping to push you forward into a win with our start and sit options. There isn’t necessarily an easy answer as to who will be a guarantee to help you but based on matchups and recent play, these guys made the cut. Here’s a look at the best players to start and the ones to avoid by sitting them for Week 5 matchups.

Note: Fantasy players like Derrick Henry and Travis Kelce will not be included on this list.

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