Has a team ever hit 2 grand slams in the same playoff game?

The Boston Red Sox have claimed full control of their game against the Houston Astros thanks to two grand slams.

The Houston Astros can’t catch a break in Game 2 of the ALCS.

Their series with the Boston Red Sox may have seemed fun for Houston fans last night when the Astros roared back to win Game 1, but things have swung the other way and it seems highly unlikely that the Red Sox will lose Game 2.

That’s because Boston has already loaded the bases twice and hit two grand slams and Houston’s starting pitcher had to leave early due to an apparent injury.

Red Sox become first team in MLB history with two grand slams in a playoff game

The Red Sox made postseason history with the two grand slams as nobody before them has managed to accomplish this feat.

That’s not the sort of postseason history that Houston fans wanted their team to make.

For the Red Sox, however, their one-run loss in Game 1 will be a distant memory if they can ride a history-making hitting display to the win on Saturday as they’ll get one of the two games at Minute Made Park before a three-game set at Fenway.

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