Twitter roasts Kliff Kingsbury as Cardinals flounder against Rams

The Arizona Cardinals are getting kicked around by the Los Angeles Rams and Twitter is letting Kliff Kingsbury hear about it. 

Well, if folks on Twitter had their way, Kliff Kingsbury’s time in the NFL would be coming to an end sooner rather than later. Kingsbury, the head coach for the Arizona Cardinals, isn’t having much fun as his team flounders against the Los Angeles Rams.

The Cardinals may have started off the season in exciting fashion but they look horrendous right now in the NFL Playoffs. Unfortunately for the folks in Arizona, Kingsbury’s offense isn’t able to do anything.

The Rams, meanwhile, are scoring with absolute ease.

Up 28-8 late in the third quarter, Los Angeles has outgained Arizona 250 yards to 108 yards. Arizona has turned the ball over twice and Twitter has just about had it with Kingsbury.

NFL Playoffs: Twitter trolls Kliff Kingsbury as Arizona Cardinals fall flat against the Los Angeles Rams

This game is getting ugly. The Rams are doing everything they want while the Cardinals offense continues to look stale.

That’s not a good sign for a guy whose specialty is designing explosive offenses.

It’s probably time for Kingsbury to leave Arizona. While the Cardinals have improved steadily under his guidance, their success is isolated to the regular season. To be more specific, the wins happen primarily in the first half of the season. Everything seems to fall apart from there.

Who knows what’s next for Kingsbury, but the present doesn’t look all that promising. It might be time for him to hit up LinkedIn and check out what college openings are still available. He’s a brilliant offensive coordinator. It might be time to focus back in on that for a little while.

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