Will Aaron Donald get suspended for Buccaneers game over Wild Card punch?

Aaron Donald got heated in the Los Angeles Rams’ Wild Card game against the Arizona Cardinals. What will the NFL do to address his actions?

Things got a little tense in the Wild Card matchup between the Los Angeles Rams and the Arizona Cardinals.

Aaron Donald in particular got pretty upset and had a fairly concerning interaction with DJ Humphries.

Check out the video for yourself:

None of this looks great! It’s not good!

So, what will the NFL do? How will they respond to this? Will Donald potentially miss some time moving forward?

NFL Playoffs: Will Aaron Donald be suspended for altercation in Los Angeles Rams, Arizona Cardinals game?

There’s a precedent to this matter with Donald. This isn’t the first time he’s been involved in something like this. The last time Donald had an incident that was similar to this, he was hit with a fine for a solid amount of money. The NFL ended up slapping him with a $10,300 fine for his actions.

That’s not an insignificant amount of money. Sure, guys like Donald can cover that without much of an issue, but the NFL is definitely paying attention to these sorts of incidents.

However, it seems unlikely that the NFL will really do much more than put a fine down for Donald to pay once more. Given their previous response to his actions, there’s not exactly much reason to believe he would be suspended.

You probably shouldn’t hold your breath with the hope that Donald will miss out on the next round of the NFL playoffs.

All that said, this should’ve never happened. There’s zero reason for moments like this to exist and this is something the NFL should do more to prevent. Steeper fines or possible meaningful suspensions are actions that should be considered.

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